Keep calm and Crystal On!

Keep calm and Crystal On!

Ever since I can remember, crystals and gemstones have always caught my attention. Call it curiosity, an energetic pull, or a spiritual call, Mother Earth's gems have always brought me back to a sense of home and comfort. You can find gemstones around my home, under my pillow, in my purse and you will definitely see me wearing gemstone jewellery almost everyday!

Gemstones are believed to be the "wisdom keepers" carrying life force energy and the knowledge of our ancestors. There was a time when we lived in complete harmony with nature. Today most of us live in a concrete jungle that has us feeding into unhealthy distractions, high stress and fabrication. What I am finding most interesting is that I do see many people trying to lift their own veil of illusion, fighting to take back their personal power and regain a sense of authenticity once again. Whether its taking a walk in nature or wearing a piece of gemstone jewellery, many of us just want to stay rooted in the grace of Mother Earth.

Connecting to gemstones is like taking a walk in nature for me. It grounds my spirit and stabilizes my energy. The most important shift that I feel quite often is alignment. There have been times when wearing a gemstone also assisted with breaking me open. Emotions flooded, thoughts raced and truths were faced. Every stone I have worked with in my life has served its energetic purpose. Sometimes more than once. 

When my wheel of life begins to turn, I run to a crystal to assist on the journey. I grab my palo santo and clear the stone, than I hold it in my hand, close my eyes and say an affirmation to set my intention. Right now I am wearing Kyanite to focus on alignment and soul purpose. I am wearing a bracelet, a necklace and I have a piece of Kyanite sitting on my shelf. lol! What can I say...Wild Lotus Box always needs to ALIGN WITH DIVINE.

There is magick in Mother Earth's treasures that I cannot deny. She has brought me so much strength and comfort in knowing that I am always supported by the Universe in every way. And this is exactly why the the sisters created Wild Lotus Box. We want to share love, inspiration and healing vibes to everyone, everywhere. Stay connected. Stay authentic.

Love & Light,

Christina xo


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