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Wild Lotus Box

Archangel Sigil Set

Archangel Sigil Set

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Connect to the 4 Archangels for protection and guidance along your life path. Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael & Archangel Uriel.
Gabriel: Guardian of the West. Call apon this Archangel to bring forward strength during times of fear, worry and instability. Gabriel can help you tap into your creative/artistic genius enhancing self expression.
Michael: Guardian of the South. Call apon this Archangel for protection and to help cut unhealthy chords. He can help you find solutions to problems and bring peace to unresolved issues
Raphael: Guardian of the East. He who heals...Call apon this Archangel to bring forward emotional, physical and spiritual healing of any kind. Raphael nurtures and comforts the soul restoring peace.
Uriel: Guardian of the North. Known as the Archangel of light, intelligence and understanding. Call apon Uriel to help you find your Divine life purpose. He can open your spirit to infinite possibility and support you as you transition through life changes.

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