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Wild Lotus Box

HAMSA HAND Selenite charging plate

HAMSA HAND Selenite charging plate

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"Hamsa Hand" Selenite charging plates are here! Use this piece to cleanse and charge your crystals and crystal jewelry.

Why use Selenite for crystal cleansing? Plain and simple it's easier & it is actually safer for some crystals that could corrode in salt or water over time.

How do you use Selenite plates? Easy! Place your gemstone jewelry and/or crystals on the plate. Make sure the stone is touching the plate. Allow 24 hours before taking them off. And remember...Selenite cleanses itself on its own so it's quite literally, maintenance free!

Also known as the "Hand of Fatima", this symbol is widely used in many cultures around the world. Literally meaning "five" the hamsa hand defines feminine power and is often worn to protect the wearer from negativity. It is believed to banish ill will and instead fills your world with blessings, joy and good fortune.  

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