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Wild Lotus Box

Home cleansing Kit

Home cleansing Kit

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Purify & Cleanse your home of negative energy, heaviness, or old stagnant energy that may be creating blocks within your environment. Our set can be used in your home, office or anywhere you intuitively feel needs a good smudge and extra Divine LOVE! You will receive a Hamsa hand trinket that is great to use for resting your Palo Santo during or after use. 2 sticks of Palo Santo included with a Selenite and Black Obsidian tumbled stone for purification, grounding and protection. Place these stones on your trinket while clearing your space, under your pillow, on your bedside or even in your pocket. Follow your soul it always knows the way!

Our product comes with directions to guide you through the process. Carefully crafted with loving intentions. 

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